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The all new mixers range from IVG 😍


Citrus Lemonade!!

IVG is back with their brand new Citrus Lemonade and range of Mixer e-liquids.

Experience the mind-blowing zest of citrus fruits combined with a sweet and refreshing lemonade.

Pink Lemonade v2!!

Ripened pink grapefruits clash with tart raspberries before making way to a satisfyingly sweet lemonade.

Riberry Lemonade!!

Succulent blackcurrants combine with a truly satisfying lemonade to create the ultimate refreshment in e-liquid form.

Honeydew Lemonade!!

Experience the delightfully mellow tastes of honeydew melon combined with a sharp and refreshing lemonade.

Fresh Lemonade!!

Treat the senses to the combination tongue-tantalising sour lemons combined with a mouth-watering sweetness in this idilic lemonade flavour.


These are also available in Nic Salts 👌