Fused Claptons by Jf Coils

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0.1 Fused Claptons


The original fused Clapton. These will run great on a mech if your looking for a rowdy warm build that chucks clouds and makes you a menace whilst out and about.

These give you a nice warm vape with Hugh cloud production, These work perfect at 110watts but optimal wattage between 90-120.

0.12 fused claptons

The happy medium is here. Reworked the classic offering with a 6 wrap fused Clapton.

These are great for mech or regulated users, With large surface area and a warm vape. These are a must if you want dense flavourful clouds and shooting higher wattages. 

Optimal wattage 75-100w.

0.15 Fused Claptons

Beautifully handcrafted with skill and passion. The fused Clapton the classic of the coil world and is a great all rounder.

If you are looking for a lower wattage punch with a depth of flavour that is truly next level then these are for you.

Optimal wattage 45-75w



These coils are for advanced users and require a knowledge of rebuildable products.

Due to the nature of nichrome these are a lower resistance, The resistance will rise once heat is applied and hotspots are removed and the install is spick and span.

Due to the nature of the product Chantonnay smith LTD T/A Jf Coils does not offer any buy back or return of product. British Ohm Vape will sell the product as an advanced item for experienced users.

Jf Coils & British Ohm Vape does not hold any liability for damage or injury to person or product caused by using  any JF COILS item.